Looking for a Way to Connect People?

Common Affinity is innovating, creating, and deploying a new tool that helps people connect with one another, share information, and achieve more together.

Perfect for alumni groups, clubs, non-profit organizations, homeowner associations, or any group that is looking to pull together a group of individuals with a common purpose. The Common Affinity web platform may be just the right solution for you.

Features include:

  • General:
    • Membership registration
    • Group affiliation enrollment/registration
    • Share content with the public, members only, or within group
  • Administration:
    • Multiple site administration roles
    • Allow administration roles or users to manage content visibility
    • Monitor site login activity
    • Create mailing lists for USPS deliveries or to upload to email services (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc)
    • Approve registrations
    • Manage/edit inappropriate content
    • Run polls
    • Interface member data to email services (optional feature)
      • manage membership data locally
      • update member mailing list data in your data base when users unsubscribe
    • Set and manage configuration options (groups, categories, tags, roles, notifications, etc.)
  • Users:
    • Join groups through registration (open or closed)
    • Maintain their profiles
      • Set visibility for all personal data
      • Email opt-in/opt-out settings
      • Manage “My postings”
      • Manage “My photos and albums”
    • Create postings by categories (News, Events, Jobs, Memories, Discussions, etc.)
    • Comment on any open posting to create discussions
    • Leverage the site member directory to connect with other members
    • Leverage the group registrar directory to apply for membership to other groups
    • Filter postings by category and audience